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Tregothnan, Cornwall

01 Our Vision

The design draws its inspiration from the wider parkland landscape and the visual elements within it of grass, simple planting and water. These elements have been brought together in a formal manner to respond to the architecture of the house. In the centre of the garden, two grass and gravel parterres have been laid out with two long pools, based loosely on the idea of the Parterre à l’Anglais.

02 Our Process

The new parterre was constructed over the remnants of a Victorian garden by WA Nesfield. We were careful not to disturb the topography of this older garden, protecting it with a layer of sand.


03 The Outcome

Following the creation of the parterre, we were subsequently asked to produce landscape proposals for the enlarged ponds in the botanic garden at Tregothnan, including locating and designing a new summerhouse. The design is conceived as a Himalayan garden, making use of the steep slopes and dramatic views across the ponds to the deer park beyond. Tregothnan is the first English tea estate in the UK, and we designed the summerhouse as a Chinese tea pavilion, constructed from timber and bamboo with a corrugated steel roof.

The client has recognised the enduring design of the parterre, by planning to refresh it ten years after it was laid down.