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Hereford Cathedral

Bench in the Lady Arbour Chapel garden

01 Our Vision

Our aim for the Close was to create a much improved setting for the Cathedral, enhance wayfinding and provide a series of practical spaces that draw on the rich history of the site in their robust but elegant detailing.

02 Our Process

The design involved the use of local materials throughout and included a new stone-paved space at the west front, restored railings, realigned and resurfaced paths, planting of semi-mature trees and a new garden in the Lady Arbour Cloisters. Seats were made from locally grown oak, donated by Herefordshire landowners and carved by Jim Partridge.

Roundel detail, Hereford Cathedral Close
Front garden bordering Cathedral Close

03 The Outcome

Our design has transformed and rejuvenated this historically significant and well-used public space in the centre of Hereford.